Castillo La Costo


Castillo La Costo ( CasLCo ) has collaborated with some of the world’s most successful Internet players, such as: LiveJasmin, , eXXXotica, Internet Models, Cam Soda, My Free Cams, Cam Girl, Gustocci, My Web Cams, BongaCams, CAM4, RabbitCams, 15Cams and many more… However, the extensive partner list of CasLCo over the world is not our agency’s sole appeal. It is the individual relationships and respect that our honest, loyal and accelerated agents have maintained for over one decade. We take great care of our models, our partners and our staff. The agency has always prided itself on advancement and forward thinking. We have a deep passion for staying ahead of the trends, while launching the careers of many unique and cutting edge models.

We are very excited about our continued growth, not only as a respected and competitive agency, but as one of the leaders in development within Internet Chat. With a new era of models, Social Distance, Remote Work, Social Media and New Technology upon us, CasLCo plans to be at the forefront of the industry for many years to come.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.


How we do it


CasLCo takes a personal interest in the paths to success for these young hopefuls. Unfortunately, there are many people out there looking to make money by offering expensive photo sessions, makeovers, and other services that are not necessary to get started. Someone who is genuine can give these girls and boys advice and direction without it costing a fortune. We can determine pretty quickly if they have what it takes to make it.

Is it For Me?

Of Course it is!!!

Just like with any other job,you have to like what you do. If you’re open minded, confident, and enjoy being in front of the camera, webcam modeling is definitely a job you should consider!

Will I Succeed?

We will together!

Being a successful Internet model requires professional planning, preparation, training and support, both physical and mental! At CASLCO,We are here to help you all the way.

With who?

With Us!

The website, network, or agency you work for makes a huge difference in your success or failure. With CASLCO, you have a blast making more money than you ever thought was possible.

Why an Agency?


There is a reason all successful Hollywood actors and actresses have agents. They have agents because they want to focus on doing what they know and do best, acting. They let their agents handle it all, why? Because that is what their agents know and do best

Part Time?

Why Not?

If you are only interested in working part time, being a camgirl can be a fun and profitable job while you are in college or need some extra income. In addition to the income, becoming a camgirl can also be lots of fun, you get to meet many interesting people from around the world.

My Privacy

It will be safe

All models’ identity remains private at all times,You can block Geographical areas , if you do not want to be seen in your city, or even your country. So there is no danger of being contacted outside of work. In-person contact with clients is prohibited for safety reasons.

Our Story


The beginning

In just over 13 years of operation in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of modeling, founder Luis Caver has built Caslco into one of the most powerful and successful agencies in the industry. Since the early 2000s, Caver has worked tirelessly to bring a significant international presence to the Internet Modeling Industry.

The Advance

Caver’s efforts have paid off: CASLCO is the most successful agency in the MidWest and one of the most respected in the Industry. Caver’s well-established Model Management in Chicago is quickly achieving the same notoriety. Providing full service to its partners and associates, CASLCO models maintains a presence in the center of the industry as well as into Europe and other continents.

Path to Success

CASLCO has been instrumental in encouraging our partners worldwide to fully explore Several venues and locations. Instinctively, Caver knew that models needed to possess more than just beauty to have the appeal for new generations. He saw that training, support, and access to advisory consultants (Beauty, Acting, Speech) are the perfect backdrop to complement their beauty. Caver’s models soon represented the look of success .This ecosystem also meant increased income for both partners and Models.


Our Partners


Work with us and become a Top Earner Webcam Model!